Sunday, 9 June 2013


Over half term we all designed and made our own shields.  Here's a selection...

We talked about all the different designs, and why we thought shields had pictures on them.  We thought that it might be to scare the enemy. Harry wondered whether shiny shields would reflect the light and blind the enemy, so we went outside to check because it was a lovely, sunny day.

When we were outside we made some strange discoveries!
 We found strange footprints all around the field, bits of burnt material, scratches on the trees, plant pots knocked over, and 4 huge hatched eggs.

We were convinced it was a dragon.  We spent play time looking for more clues.  There were lots of bird feathers around... maybe it ate birds!  Someone found something that looked like a tooth!

Then at the end of playtime, we spotted it!

The huge dragon was on the roof of the school.  We chased it from one side to the other, before it finally came down and ran off down the road towards the junior school!

We needed to warn people about the dragon, so we made posters using all of our excellent descriptive words to help people recognise the dragon.

Let us know if you spot it!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Castles and Dragons

Castles and dragons is our new topic this term.  We started by looking very closely at different pictures of castles and discussing some of the features.  We found that most castles were on hills or surrounded by water; they had turrets, they had very few windows, and the windows were like slits in the wall or crosses; they were made out of stone.  We talked about the reasons for all these features and then painted pictures of our perfect castle.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Time travel writing

As part of our time machine topic we have been thinking about what it was like to write in different eras.

We learned about Viking Runes, and made our own rune stones out of clay.  We also tried writing with a quill and ink.

Here is some of our work.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Time travel treats

On Monday we looked at a time line of history and all the different periods, such as Ancient Egypt, Romans, Vikings, Tudors, Victorians, and the 20th Century. As a class, we decided that the Viking era would be an interesting time to learn about, so we left Wolfgang Tempus a message asking him to go back in time and gather some information.

The next day he left us an answerphone message saying that he would travel back in time for us, but in the meantime he has left us a little surprise hidden in the nature garden.

After following some clues we finally found a time capsule from the Victorian times.

We discussed what all the different items might be, and then wrote some captions about what we would put in to a time capsule to let people know about life today.

Some of our ideas included Skylanders, ipods, cameras, McDonalds Happy Meals and modern hot water bottles (we found a Victorian hot water bottle in the time capsule).

Friday, 3 May 2013

Wolfgang takes us back in time.

Today we had another message from Wolfgang Tempus the time-traveler.  His time machine had vanished on Wednesday morning, and now we know where he went.

After watching the message we started to piece together the mystery.  We worked out that one of the people in the film could be Jesus.  Mr Littlewood then told us that he'd done a little bit more research and found out that it WAS Jesus, and that the other man was called John the Baptist.

We learned about the story of John the Baptist and talked about why people get Christened today - we remembered Reverand Stordy telling us about Christenings at the font at Ecclesfield Church.

We ended the day by making a storyboard to retell the story of John the Baptist and the baptism of Jesus.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Arty Targets

In ICT we have made some word clouds to remind us of our personal targets to display around our class target board. We personalised them with words about our interests.

We made these at a website called tagxedo.

Electrical safety at home.

Today we did some more work on circuits, introducing switches and seeing what happens to the brightness of lightbulbs when we add more to the circuit.  We also looked at a website about safety.  The Monkeys asked me to put a link on the blog so that they could have a look at home... so here it is.

This website requires a flash plug in- may not work on some tablets and smartphones.