Sunday, 9 June 2013


Over half term we all designed and made our own shields.  Here's a selection...

We talked about all the different designs, and why we thought shields had pictures on them.  We thought that it might be to scare the enemy. Harry wondered whether shiny shields would reflect the light and blind the enemy, so we went outside to check because it was a lovely, sunny day.

When we were outside we made some strange discoveries!
 We found strange footprints all around the field, bits of burnt material, scratches on the trees, plant pots knocked over, and 4 huge hatched eggs.

We were convinced it was a dragon.  We spent play time looking for more clues.  There were lots of bird feathers around... maybe it ate birds!  Someone found something that looked like a tooth!

Then at the end of playtime, we spotted it!

The huge dragon was on the roof of the school.  We chased it from one side to the other, before it finally came down and ran off down the road towards the junior school!

We needed to warn people about the dragon, so we made posters using all of our excellent descriptive words to help people recognise the dragon.

Let us know if you spot it!

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  1. i like your posters i wish i could do one too.