Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Time travel treats

On Monday we looked at a time line of history and all the different periods, such as Ancient Egypt, Romans, Vikings, Tudors, Victorians, and the 20th Century. As a class, we decided that the Viking era would be an interesting time to learn about, so we left Wolfgang Tempus a message asking him to go back in time and gather some information.

The next day he left us an answerphone message saying that he would travel back in time for us, but in the meantime he has left us a little surprise hidden in the nature garden.

After following some clues we finally found a time capsule from the Victorian times.

We discussed what all the different items might be, and then wrote some captions about what we would put in to a time capsule to let people know about life today.

Some of our ideas included Skylanders, ipods, cameras, McDonalds Happy Meals and modern hot water bottles (we found a Victorian hot water bottle in the time capsule).

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