Monday, 29 April 2013


This morning, as we were busy looking at the timetable and finding our what our learning was going to be like today, Mrs Donegan came and told us about a curious discovery that she had made.  She had gone out to feed the guinea pigs and found this...

What could it be?  It was too big to fit through the door so it must have landed or appeared there.  We went back to class and thought about some clues... The clock, the keyboard, the wires, the light bulbs... all things that led us to different conclusions.

One of us went on a special job to ask all the other classes if they had put the machine there, but they hadn't.

We were left to mull it over for the rest of the morning.

Message from a time-lord!

After dinner, Mr Littlewood told us that we had received a message about the special machine.  It revealed that it was in fact a broken time machine!

If the link above doesn't work, click here to view it.

The message said we had to learn about circuits so that we could help repair the time machine.  Mr Littlewood didn't know what to do so he gave us lots of wires and batteries and bulbs to see if any of us could work out how a circuit works.


After we had found out for ourselves how circuits work through trial and error, we made circuit diagrams to help the time-lord mend his time machine.

We thought of some class 'top tips' for the time-lord and left him a message... let's see if the machine is still there tomorrow.


  1. Jayden wants to know if it has a switch or a plug so you can make the electricity go round it. Henley wonders if there was an outside plug? Maison really liked his message. Scarlett wants to know is the time machine all fixed yet? What can the time machine actually do? Aiden would love to go forwards in time to see if there were any pirates in teh future. Lennon wants to go back inside to see real life pirates. Jayden wants to go back in time to see what life was like in a different country. Poppy would like to go back in time to see her lost teddy again and remember where it is and to see her hamster that died. Mia wants to go back in time to see her lost white teddy too. Ashton wants to go far back in time to see real dinosaurs. Miss Jordan would like to see what all of Class 1 look like as grown ups! Finley would like to go back to when he was at the zoo, he had a great day! Would you go back or forward in time?

    Scarlett wants to know what else you are learning today.

    From Class 1 (Athersley South)

  2. Today we have been learning about switches and how they can break a circuit. We also learned that electricity is dangerous and spotted dangers around the house. Did you know that water is very dangerous to have around electricty?

    In maths we have been learning about our number bonds.

    We'll let you know all about what we find out about the time machine on Friday.

  3. Harry says he'd go back to the time of the dinosaurs and take pictures of the meat eaters.
    Brooke would like to go back in time to see her granny because she only saw her when she was a baby.
    Quinlan would like to go in to the future to see the amazing gadgets.
    Greoge would go back to 2012 to win a race.
    Mabel would like to go back in time to see her pet hamsters that died.
    Brandon would like to go back in time to see his great, great grandad.
    Isabelle would like to go back and see her pet cats.
    Bethany would like to go back and see her old house.
    Jada would like to go back in time to see Bruno the dog.
    Poppy would go back to see uncle Nick.
    Caitlin would go back in time to see the pirates.
    Ryley would like to go back and see his grandad.
    Ruby would like to go back and see her hamster.
    Sheridan would like to go back and see his pet rabbit that died.
    Kaiden would go back to see his guinae pig.
    Harry would go back to see Polly his old dog.

  4. Hi loving your blog about time machine lots of learning n exciting times with your new time machine and lovely comment about our daughter Brooke Tia Rodgers where she go back in time Well done Monkeys ;0) from Mum Angela n Brooke