Monday, 1 October 2012

An Egg-citing discovery

We discovered some eggs in our class today, they were large and round, and smelled of coffee!
One of the eggs
We had a class discussion about what it could be, using as many descriptive words as we could.  Then we all recorded our ideas, adding a picture to help show what we thought would be inside.  We kept a close eye on the eggs at all times, because we were sure we could see them moving.

Here's some of our fantastic work!
What is in the shell? Could it be a butterfly?

I think it is a dragon and it breathes fire.

I think it is a dinosaur.

I think it is a cute, little, baby lizard.

I think it will be a baby turtle
By playtime the eggs still hadn't hatched, but when we came back in there were cracks in the shell!

We were all very excited now! what could it be?  Mr Littlewood used the visualiser so that we could all see what was hapenning on the big screen as he broke open the eggs.  Guess what was inside... Dinosaurs!

It was a trick!  Some of us were a bit annoyed that it wasn't a real animal, but it was still exciting thinking about what it could have been.  Mr Littlewood told us that our next topic is going to be all about dinosaurs and that we have lots of interesting things to do.

Later in the afternoon some of us worked in the drawing area with Mrs Donegan.  We used charcoal to draw pictures of dinosaurs, blending the charcoal with our fingers to make different effects.  Here are a couple of our drawings.

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