Wednesday, 12 December 2012

This week's bloggers....

.... It's all of us!

We've all written a sentence about what we enjoyed this week.

"I like wrapping presents"
"I like helping Santa"
"We have made letters"
"We had fun playing a game"
"I enjoyed playing with the wrapping"
"I enjoyed when I go swimming in the holidays"
"I enjoyed the game on the blog"
"I liked throwing snow"
"I enjoyed wrapping presents and drawing"
"I enjoyed computers"
"I'm happy at being on book band 4"
"I like the games on the blog"
"I enjoyed helping Santa"
"I enjoyed playing in the water and helping Santa"
"Games, letters, helping Santa"
"I liked helping Santa at maths"
"I like the game on the blog"
"I've written a letter to Santa"
"I have enjoyed helping Santa"
"I enjoyed colouring with shiny pens"
"We have done wrapping presents"
"I like writing a letter to Santa"
"I helped Santa"
"I like playing the game"
"I like the snow man game"
"I like the game on the blog"

And here are some pictures of what we have been doing...

Sorting out our speed sounds.

Wrapping presents.

Writing cards and stamping them.

Helping Santa work out how many presents need delivering.

Practicing our Christmas songs.

Playing subtraction bingo.

More Santa maths!

We put washing up liquid in the water tray!

More wrapping, writing and stamping.

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