Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Igloo building

As part of our pole to pole topic we have been thinking about how people live.  As well as describing our own environment, we have been researching how people live in other continents such as Africa and South America.  Today provided the ideal opportunity to think about how difficult it would be to build an igloo... so we tried it!

Here are some photos of what we managed... before we got too cold!

We found out that it was really difficult!  Back in class we drew pictures of igloos and tried building them out of various construction materials.

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  1. Jayden thinks your igloos were fantastic. How long did it take to make an igloo? Was it hard? Was it fun? Maybe we could have a go the next time we get some snow. We built megastructures in the snow because our new topic is all about megastructures. A megastructure is a very LARGE man made object. We made Big Ben and The Taj Mahal out of snow. They have all melted now.

    From Class 1 at Athersley South (and the rest of Key Stage 1)