Friday, 16 November 2012

Meet this week's bloggers

This week we have been very excited, as it was our turn to be the focus blog in our quadblog.  Our quad partners have left lots of messages on our posts, and have asked questions about our work.

Here's what our bloggers have to say about the work they've done this week.

Miss Cottrel bont chop The trees down dont you know the owl baybees live there

Wiy hav beyin pudsey

it has bin good blogging with peepil all over the world and torking about owls

It's been a really great week in the Monkeys.  Here are some more photos of what we've been up to...

We all added our name to the letter we wrote in shared writing.

We experimented with weight and capacity in the water area

We wrote about nocturnal animals in ICT
We made shopping lists and spent money in the class shop.

In the class bank we sorted out all the money.
The class shop has sold out of food!
In the background you can see some of us telling a story using the owl baby puppets,
 whilst some of us make 'Save the trees'  posters.

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