Friday, 9 November 2012

Owl fact file

This week we have been building fact files on the birds of prey that visited us on Monday.  We worked with our learning partners to research information and then worked in the ICT suite to type our information straight on to the computers.  Here are some of our facts:

Owls of prey   they  have  round   faisers.
Owls  have  big eyes and they can see in the dark.
They  have soft wings.
They  come out at  night.

Barn owls have got black eas too see in the dark.
Barn owls ar birds prey.
Barn owls swoop down too sqees a rabbit.

Owls came out at niet  and thay  swoop  thoow  the  niet  bicas  thay   can  see   in  the   darc.
Owis  live   in the   forist 

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