Thursday, 28 February 2013

Circus investigation number 1: The human cannonball.

The first science investigation we have done as part of this topic was looking at the human cannonball.  We watched a video of a man being shot out of a cannon at the circus, and then talked about all the forces being used.

We decided that the man was pushed out of the cannon, and that gravity pulled him back down again.

We decided to investigate whether you would fly further through the air if you were lighter or heavier, and to do this we used mangonel catapults and playdough.

We activated our investigation brains and loosened our bodies with a special dance and sing along to this song.

We discussed our predictions with our learning partners and filled in our investigation sheets, and then went to the hall to investigate.

The mangonels are loaded and pulled back

The playdough is pushed through the air, and then pulled down to the ground by gravity.

We found out that the lightest peice of playdough went the furthest.

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