Thursday, 14 February 2013

Recently in maths...

...We've been very busy!

In data handling we've been learning about Venn diagrams and consolidating our understanding of pictograms, block graphs and tally charts
Our first attempt at sorting shapes that are blue and shapes that have 4 sides using a venn diagram.

Hard at work studying pictograms.

Our human pictogram showing how common each different eye colour  is.

We have also been working on halving, finding halves of shapes, and halving a number of objects.  We practiced this on Monday be cutting lots of things in half including paper plates, ribbon and fruit; and half filling different containers with snow (yes... snow again!)  On Tuesday we used our halving skills to share a pancake equally with our learning partner, making sure we shared the raisins, banana slices and smarties equally before cutting our pancake in half and eating it.
I cut an apple in half

Lots of practice at finding half

The pancake feast begins
Also this week we have been learning to use metre sticks to measure things.  We have been using metre sticks to find things around school that are longer or shorter than a metre, we have been creating structures that are exactly 1 metre high or long, and we have been measuring distance using metre sticks.

Nearly a metre...

We made our own metre stick

We measured how far we could throw a beanbag

I built a tower exactly 1m high

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