Monday, 18 March 2013

Little Kingdoms

After finishing our Circus topic, Mr Littlewood went for a walk trying to thing of what we could do next.  Suddenly, he saw something amazing!



We wondered what they might be... fireflies, stars, pixies, fairies, butterflies?  When we looked closer at the shapes we decided that they must be fairies!

Then, Mr Littlewood showed us something else that he found... a tiny set of fairy wings!
Tiny fairy wings next to a real penny!
We passed the wings around, they were really delicate.  We think a fairy must have lost them.

Fairy hunting

We wanted to see if we could find some fairies in our nature garden.  We thought that they might be quite shy though, and maybe only come out at night, so we decided to write some notes.
Emily came up with a really good point!  If we write our messages on paper they'd be too heavy for the fairies to pick up... so after deciding what to write by building our sentences on whiteboards, we wrote our messages on the tiniest post it notes we could find.  It took a lot of concentration on our fine motor skills to write in really tiny letters, and of course we had to remember our capital letters and full stops!

Then, we went hunting, looking for clues in the garden such as collections of twigs or leaves, crevices in tree bark and hiding places under stones.
Is this a door knocker on a tree?

Checking inside the bird houses.

Deciding where to leave messages.

A message stuck near some cracks in the bark.

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