Monday, 18 March 2013

Woodland art.

This afternoon we went outside and collected lots of little bits of twigs, leaves, seeds, grass, flowers and berries so that we could make collages out of natural materials.

We looked at some photographs of woodland scenes and talked with our learning partners about all the things we could see; the colours, the shadows, all the different textures, and then we tried to match them with the materials that we had collected.

We showed great perseverance gluing all the tiny bits in to place.

Here are a few of the creations.

Brandon used ivy leaves for the ground, and dry leaves for clouds, with  grass used for rain.
He also used some heather and conifer cuttings to make trees.

Jada created a flower using a twig for the stem and rosemary sprigs for leaves, with heather flowers used as petals.
She also made a small fairy... can you spot it?

Caitlin created 'The house in the middle of the woods' with an ornate door and leafy windows.
Fluffy cotton seeds look like clouds in the sky.

We are so proud of all our collages!

We'll post some more photographs soon... when they are all dry!

We reviewed our work at the end of the day... here are some of the comments:

"They are all different!"
"I like how they've used twigs like tree trunks"
"I like how all the flowers make it look detailed!"

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  1. Hello Monkeys loved hearing about your Woodland Art work but thatwas weeks ago, what have you done since you came back after the Easter holidays?, looking forward to reading about it shortly.
    Katies mum