Friday, 11 January 2013

Balloon lift-off

As part of our pole to pole topic, we began to think about the area that we live in.  We thought about the questions we had asked about other countries and whether we could answer those questions about our own locality.  We developed a mind map of  all the things we know about Sheffield and the UK, from the environment to the climate; from favorite foods to the clothes we wear; from eating habits to pets.

We each then wrote a local fact on to a piece of card that also had  a QR code on it with our blog address and contact details so that people can reply to us, and released these 'messages' attached to helium balloons.

It was so exciting!  It was a very still day so we could see the balloons go up, up, UP!

We used a compass to see which direction the balloons had traveled and then predicted where the messages may end up by looking on a map.  The balloons went East, so we think we might get replies from Lincolnshire, Scandinavia or even Russia!

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