Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Deep

We had a fantastic trip to The Deep in Hull on Wednesday.  We had a workshop where we learnt about how sea animals are different to us, and how they survive under water.  We played some ICT games, tried to guess animals hidden inside mermaids purses, and did some observational drawing of some tiny shrimps that we had to look at through magnifying glasses.

After that, it was time to explore The Deep.  We saw some fantastic things... our favourites were the coral tank, the megladon jaws, jelly fish and the shark tank.

There were some incredible colours!

The jellyfish looked great under special lights.

The tanks were huge!

We went through a tunnel and saw sharks swimming above us.

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  1. I liked it yesterday when evrey body had
    funny hair spray in their hair and the
    styles. katie