Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Experts in our field.

This week we have done lots of research on Africa, looking at all the different natural environments and wildlife, and also human features such as housing and cities.  Then we made information posters to help us with a special job the next day.

Zebras live in the savannah.  This is a giraffe. They fight with their horns.

In South Africa they have a plateau and in the water they are sharks.

Elephants suck the water to give their babies a bath.
After we had made our posters we had to get in to small groups with the Meerkats and teach them all about Africa.  In turn they told us loads of interesting facts about South America.  Back in the classroom we talked about some of the facts that we had learned about South Africa and began to discuss some of the similarities and differences.

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  1. As part of our last topic World Kitchen we learnt about Africa. We found out that it is very hot and that some people made their houses out of sticks and mud. We saw a school in Kenya. They were learning all about the animals in their country. Some children have to walk miles to school past lots of animals. Sometimes they were late because some animals were in their way. We found out that Mount Kenya was a physical feature of Kenya. We also found out that tea, coffee, sugar and pineapples can grow in Kenya.

    From Class 1 at Athersley South Primary School (and Key Stage 1)